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Friday, December 14, 2012

Ex Parte Communications and More Town Attorney Shenanigans

Ex Parte Communications and More Town Attorney Shenanigans

I really like this link above that is part of my core curriculum for understanding town politics,
rules and procedures. Sometimes people throw around terms. Law is particularly
snarly with such words, and strings of words: Latin, English and the like.
of course medicine is similar but i can speak and feel comfortable in that world
i understand the order, the protocol logic
Some things are common sense and they are also rules of law.
At the end of the day, with infractions and Shenaniganzas, the common man or woman can do little to affect town fathers' behaviors.

Friday finds us in extended stick season in Vermont at the height of darkness...
Today is a week, 7 days before, you know, the end times and when the daylight gets longer again.
The end times could be an event or just a shift, a schizm, a bump in the road.
As I have surmised before, end times or not, we are always suffering, sustaining, rejoicing and accepting changes, always and for ever.



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