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Saturday, December 1, 2012

My 1000th Post Psalm Challenge 82

The girl looked over the ridge at the gathering of tall images standing around a glowing fire in the pitch dark.
She lay on her stomach, close to the ground, hoping she could merely watch, intrude,
take in this strange and magical ceremony.

God appeared as a giant golden energy lightbeam.
The girl felt warm, connected, mesmerized.
The other figures, tall, but not tallest like God.
Powerful, but not powerful-est.

God gathered the crowd, seemingly ever expanding,.
Was the world really this complicated?
The girl shielded her eyes at times, evil, devilish, mean, malicious entities snarled her way,
smelling the defenseless orphan girl, poor and homeless, desperate, hungry and afraid.

God reeled in the slithering fallen angels, who are powerful and yet lacking in compassion.
As the powerful fallen angels looked for their purseful of rewards,
they were handed great heavy trunks and they revelled in their deception.

The young girl was saddened as she surveilled a transaction, was it corruption?
God pulled her aside and assigned her a special angel, who washed her, fed her
and rested her mind of where will I sleep? eat? be nurtured?
She asked God why he rewarded the fallen angels, cold greedy sinners.

God smiled at the simple misunderstanding so common among earthlings,
It was not gold young lady,
It was a sack full of your sadness, your hunger, the heavy weight on the mind of a young orphan girl.
She smiled as she nodded off.

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  1. Thank you so much for this entry of yours. Read it already three times and am still filled with wonder and joy.

    Will surely remain a long time in my mind. Thank you for this inspiration very much. Thank you as well for your kind participation, and the honour of the 1,000th entry.

    Please have you all a wonderful new month ahead.

  2. Beautiful and touching.

    Grats with 1000 posts!
    Wish you a blessed Sunday:-)

  3. This is so unique and beautiful, thank you!


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