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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Upstairs Cat Downstairs Cat

That is just how it ended up working when Girly Girl moved in.
Tommy,Gigi and Sean are downstairs,
Girly Girl is upstairs mostly, occasionally strolling
or running through the downstairs to
surf for food,
or nap.
About Girly Girl: we took a couple fuzzy pictures that are not worth sending.
We wanted to show Girly's Meridien's Mom how she is blending in with the pride, her first family,
by the fire in harmonious bliss, and that has not happened yet. The blending may never quite happen but at least they all have their respective "places" as cats and people will do.
Instead of photos, thought I would write this post and dedicate to the Photos not taken category.
Girly Girl is never still, our camera and phone always somewhere else.
Then I thought, Girly's Meridien's Mom knows all too well what she looks like, her soft white and black furry head charging at you full speed at an inopportune moment,
or her picky claws saying pick me up, then she says no, then she squeals no,
and then starts purring loudly.
I remembered how I secretly wanted to keep her when we gave her away.
Glad to have her back. She is so sweet.
Her obnoxious little whiny habits,


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  1. i love cats.

    nice to see you back. i had not realized that you had moved.



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