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Friday, October 7, 2011


Camel's Hump, Vermont

My shutter jammed yesterday, undoubtedly due to a tiny piece of dirt.
I had intended on snapping a few while on the road.
The colors still
in the valley.
So no photos from yesterday.
I found it is best not to hurry the colors,
it will be so long without them soon.

So here is a photo of Camel's Hump,
the easiest mountain landmark in VT.

It was a rare clear morning.
(re-look-it is clear by our standards, i.e., not raining...)
Now we have 7 days of sunshine,
sorely needed,
the fall foliage viewing will be great this weekend.


  1. LOL @ "(re-look-it is clear by our standards, i.e., not raining...)" lolol

    I know what you mean...

    Speaking of camel's hump we have a kissing camels rock formation at Garden of Gods here... beautiful.

    Have a good day!

  2. Thanks for understanding! Garden of the Gods sounds wonderful and good luck? Have a great day, mary


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