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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Great Day

It was a Great Day yesterday.
We took a long ride to Ulster County, NY
with a couple of friends to see Levon and his band do a
concert at John Gill’s farm.
Did I mention, they do the concert for free?
A wonderful harvest time gift to a farm and local community of people.
We had been wanting to go to this for a few years but never quite
made it.
Now we have some great memories of a perfect fall day, great people,
great music, fresh foods, and that incredible famous pumpkin cannon.
We are grateful for the special music, special day,
our reward for a summer of hard tough garden work ourselves.
If you ever get by John Gill’s farmstand, stop in a take home some fresh produce or a jar of pickles or baked goods.
and ask him about the cannon….


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