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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Thin Veil

Some believe there is a thin veil
between living and dead.
The veil is thinnest
October 31st.
So if you see a shadow,
or a whisper,
or a touch on your shoulder,
or an unexplained crash
where nothing is found,
bid them peace.
The photo is of Tommy, our rascal cat
and our ghost hag.
The days already getting darker,
and steady rain until today,
when a stiff north wind blew away the clouds
and we expect the first hard frost.
We picked what we could and
covered a few things.
Leaves still pretty green in the valley. Expect changing colors soon.
Peak in some areas of VT.


  1. oh there is indeed a thin veil. ever since a stone just passed by my head, i do celebrate every day, the living side of it.

    please have a good friday.

  2. I do believe in the veil and hope you can escape flying debris and that an end to the violence comes soon. Have a great day.mary

  3. Hi there - with a name like 'Monkton' I just had to visit - I like the spelling with a 'c' as well as a 'k' - but who knows what the correct version is!

    You may care to visit a blog from a 'Monckton ‘rather than from Monkton"!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  4. Thanks for reminding us of the "English" spelling. I believe it was named for Lord Monkton? There is one in Maryland,US too.
    enjoy your day! mary


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