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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Great Week


Levon Helm and his band at John Gill's Farm 10.16.2011

Levon Helm & Band @ John Gill’s farm

This was where we started the week, last Sunday. Fred took this picture. I edited.

Then I posted links to Carolyn Wonderland

that I narrowly missed on the car radio.

Last night (end of week)Fred & I had the good fortune to get tickets and attend another Midnight Ramble

at Levon Helm’s barn.

We took another trek south which I characterize as a “land-cruise”. A vacation before taxes and winter spoil our taste for fun. A special day to remember when time goes on.

First thing, we were Absolutely Rocked by Carolyn Wonderland, Rob Hooper & Cole El-Saleh. We have seen them a couple of times and obviously are fans of the music and the messages. Golden Stairs, St. Mark’s, and others. I have been trying to sing with them in the car (alone-when no one is looking :>) all week to the CD we just got: Peace Meal.

At the break I bought a poster of Peace Meal and

a cookbook by Anna Lee…(from the Band fame…)

Anna Lee was there last night!

Next, Levon Helm and band with some Stellar subs for the regular band members.

We appreciate, once again, the extraordinary show they put on.

All of the musicians together, enjoying

and loving the music, and caring for each other. The staff keeping things under control

and are very courteous, warm people.

We are grateful for the entire week of music

from established musicians to

up and coming ones,

they all showed us a Great week.

Now for a nap…


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