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Monday, October 17, 2011

Wait a Minute

Wait a Minute

Wait a minute,
just a slice of time,
does it look like a pickle slice?

Wait a minute,
catch your breath,
can you hold it,
in your hands?

Wait a minute,
did you ever hear,
"Wait a minute,"
and it really meant to

Wait a minute,
60 seconds,
how far does Earth travel
in that time?

Wait a minute,
adult time out,
wait a sec is
another way to say,

Wait a minute,
or a second,
take a moment,
for a change.


  1. great !

    as people over here tend to cross streets mostly while their light is still red, it has become great joy to remain, sometimes on my own, standing, until they turn green.
    thank you for this advice, which I'll keep in mind much.

  2. Thanks Robert. Time is a funny thing...have a great week! mary

  3. beautiful Mary...we miss so much when we don't stop.


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