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Monday, October 10, 2011

Big Al

Big Al
was a goat
who was one of a set of triplets.
I found his picture behind the dresser
where it had fallen
I heard about goats on the radio
and immediately wanted to post Al's photo.
Fred and I were just talking about him,
his antics.
He has been gone for a long time
to Earth humans.
No digital media then,
just film.
You had to really plan out a photo,
want it to last.
Al, did not last.
His image, his memory alive with us still.
I used to sit and lean on him in his little barn
and he would listen to all my troubles
with his wise special eyes and
patient methodical chewing
Al silent
all the while.
Listening 100 percent.
Nudging my head back,
or my hand.
He would nibble on my clothes, button, anything in your hand or anything sticking out.
Living with him, I came to realize
goats nibble to get your attention.
He had a sly smile and twinkle in his eye as he
chewed most anything even toxic stuff.
He loved it when you would drag the thing from his goat teeth
(and didn't he snicker a little to himself?)
Turns out if left alone he would spit it out anyway,
games up.

No wonder we think about him the the fall,
remembering him scurrying in the leaves for a treat
and a petting.
What a guy he was.
Big Al.

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