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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lanap: Epilogue 1 year later


laser assisted gum surgery is the street term.

The laser is used instead of a scalpel,
retaining the structures you were born with,
connective tissue, nerve, blood supply.

The laser is tuned to zap the really icky
bacteria that build castles in your gums
out of a coral like plaque,tartar,
in technical terms:
major ick.

1 year later,
I sat in the chair waiting for the gum measurements.
1 is good, 5 is acceptable.
(the measures are millimeters of depth of the periodontal space)
Last year I had a couple bad areas, one was 9+
(bottomless pit).
This year, one year after my surgery,
I had no more than 5 mm depth.
Overall much better,
tooth loss narrowly averted.
Did I also stave off the cascade of events that could
lead to a heart attack? Alzheimer's?
Maybe I will never really know.

But this procedure,
not terribly difficult, mininally invasive,
seems a little expensive (not really when you save your teeth),
with good outcomes and
health benefits known and some benefit as yet undiscovered,
This is well worth having if you need it.

If you are in the area, try these guys:

tell them mary sent you,

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