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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

May Day

'tis May Day,
And we are hopeful as the flooding rains forced the buds on the trees and shrubs to swell
and burst open,

The road has calmed down a bit, still shovel ready and we will scrape together money
for gravel to replace the stones that washed away.

Nearer the lake and rivers, we hope people take care and don't drive over water covered roads
and be careful of logs and debris in moving waters. The water too can have contaminants, don't go in without
protecting your skin.

Meanwhile it is 7 months until we have to pay the town 6k for taxes.
I just don't see why. We really do not live in a palace.
Will this make people vote, revolt, change the laws?
Planting onions seeds in pots today.


  1. I hope revolt. I am very anti-tax. You'd be surprised.

    I'm a Libertarian if anyone asks me so it really ticks me off to find myself on entitlement programs, LOL.

  2. I agree with being anti tax and also I work for Medicaid and may need services at some point. But there are rules that make us impoverished while others hide wealth to get services. Libertarianism is the closest party affiliation I have. None have a perfect path.


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