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Saturday, May 21, 2011


My 400th Post

and why do milestones matter?
like birthdays or
round numbers like
(blog visits)?
Which is what my counter said this past week.
We humans from Earth
(and could there be others?)
like to be recognized and heard
and think that by us being where we are
that we have made a difference,
that we were meant to be
there and

Still we wonder if it is the right place.

Apple trees and Lilacs, Monkton, Vermont Sunny Spring Day, must not be 2011...
I  hope you visit my fellow bloggers I follow. Many of them attracted readers to me as well
and they are my blogo(uni)verse.
Visit the astronauts and the Astronomy Pic of the Day. Always a work of extreme beauty.
Click on the musicians I follow and buy some of their music.
Read my ramblings and rants and I hope you enjoy.
I have been unable to capture decent apple tree pics this year so enjoy a couple reruns.

Thanks for visiting, commenting and reading.
mary gerdt, monkton, vermont 5.21.2011


  1. milestones are important. i do wonder if i am in the right place, every day i wonder that. (really)

    i think there are others, how can we be the only ones?

  2. It is arrogant to think we are all, total, that we are it. Thanks for the comments as always, friend, you are my navigational tool, guess someone else feels the same way, I belong...have a great day. sun is finally out today. survived the rapture. maybe things do feel a little different. when will the meek inherit the earth?mary

  3. Quite the universe thanks to the world of blogging.

    Congrat's Mary!

    much cheer


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