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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nurse's Week

Happy Nurse's Week!
Here is a poem for my co-workers, friends, and all who care for those in need.

Thought I would be an engineer,

Working with things, materials, the way things fit,
The way they work, and earn a living that men make.
Then I went to the school and the math was all wrong,
What did the numbers mean?
Where was the human-ness? To all these numbers?
And my classes got mixed up, was it a mistake or providence?
My English teacher was supposed to teach us technical writing,
Words without feelings.
But he hated that idea,

One at a time,
He thought he would teach us tech-ies


The kind with people and feelings,

The kind where I studied the Lady of the Lake and King Arthur,

Deep in the stacks of U of I,

Where I got lost and wandered away from the engineering I had so set my sights on,
And came via a long circuitous fashion

To the mysterious science, the miraculous profession

Where you get to hold another human’s hand

And say,

I hope you feel better.

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