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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Friend's words

My friend Che posted a great song link (link is above).
Che posted as songs for the neuro appointment.

What a great post by Che!

Also the weather here crazy storms,
the worse lightning for New England,
I saw a bolt of lightning hit the ground a few hundred feet south of here.
No tornadoes but close.
Have to post when we can get on the phone line.
Blogger comments all messed up,
my friends,
I am reading and will have more zeit this weekend.
don't want to be misunderstood.......


  1. I love that Nina Simone performance of a great song.

    Ditto about the comments. I can comment on some blogs and not on others, mine included.


  2. blogger comments are messed up as well as thoughts. have a good weekend. =)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Friends. have a great weekend y'all. Hope this message gets through...tired mary

  4. Mary, that weather sounds both daunting and dramatic - hope all okay.

    hahaa do lerv the always classy Ms Simone and that song just happened to be on the radio as I was on the phone to the MS clinic, lol

    Glad to hear it resonated!

    much cheer

  5. Down pour today but had nice day and got lawn mowed-helps keeps the bugs down. Thanks Che, for the music connection. Have a great weekend. mary


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