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Friday, May 6, 2011

Clear Skies

We are grateful for clear skies today,
Praying the water recedes for all of our friends near the water,
and all us poor slobs trying to get to work to pay taxes
so the state of VT will try to cover illegals's health care expenses, er, uh, migrants....
just a few thousand, keep dairy farms alive.
Back to to the floods,
Let us have a sliver of the national news,
and let others see what these floods are doing to our poor people, yes, in VT poor people live next the the lake, clinging to their humble family heritage homes, paying freaky weird high taxes because it is lakefront,
now, without flood insurance,
did the town come by and reassess the rack and ruin?
No, send the check in for those taxes,
or the man will take your property.
Floods everywhere.
The sun is out.
Hope the crest comes soon, lake level over 103 feet.

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