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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lake Champlain 2011, Flood Update

Hard times for so many.
These photos are around the Vermont Route 2 Causeway by Sandbar State park.
Normally Sandbar park is full of people.
This Memorial Day,
Empty except for water up to the barbecue pits,
a sad day for the park and
residents around the entire lake and
other areas where mudslides are likely,
and flooded streams,
saturated ground make for misery,
monetary losses
and mosquitoes.


  1. We understand your lost here in New Orleans.

  2. So many suffer this year. Thanks for stopping by. Am from St.Louis area and my heart goes out to all of you on that Mighty River system. This is causing similar damages and also is a little different-a basin filling up by rains and mountain drainage. The lake Drains north to the St. Lawrence. 2 states: Vermont and new York, 2 countries: US and Canada. Hoping for sunshine.mary

  3. Hi Mary,
    Thinking of you.

  4. Thanks Herrad for stopping by. Have had some sun, more to come.
    We are in good shape ourselves except the driveway and delayed and soggy garden and yard work. Have a great weekend. Love, Mary


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