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Monday, May 30, 2011

Swallows VT 2011



Fred snapped a great one of our latest friend,

a swallow who we believe was displaced by the

others in the back shed where there are 10 active nests this year.

The swallows were healthier last year and came back

ready to get serious.

I believe the scary decline in bat population (we have only seen one or two), has given our swallow neighbors more food.

This year bugs are kings and

we appreciate our little neighbor: 



his nest under the eaves .


Also, it is the time of year for the peonies to bloom.

They always bloom when there are these windy thunderstorms.

The ants chew the outer coating.


DSC00749 DSC00750

soon their amazing flowers will emerge.

Last, a delightful Scottish Highland beef cow and twins.


the twins


Soggy Memorial Day weekend.

Pay tribute to all those who have fought for our country

and her values.

They are why we are free to speak, do, and be.

Take a moment and thank them.

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