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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The 399

The 399

This is my

And as I write,
 squeezing out a story,
fantasizing I am a
newspaper woman
of the 1950's,
silk stockings,
a pencil behind my ear,
a typewriter
with ribbon,
do you even know what that looks like?

Or a typesetter,
I have known one at least in my lifetime,
they set the individual letters
for printing presses and
made the nickel newspapers
of long ago.

But I am a blogger,
wondering some days why
but mostly feeling,
it gives me a place to spill
my perspective
and read a few others'

My support group,
my opinions
my feelings,
what I can reveal,
my struggles
for justice,
my place for me.

This is the 399th post.
That is why we blog.


  1. Congratulations on 399 and best wishes for at least 399 more.

  2. Thanks Judy, you are ever one of my inspirations for posting. Have a great week, Mary


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