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Friday, April 29, 2011

Turn it off for W and K

Turn off the media for
William and Kate,
You know who I mean, just by two common first names,
Just like we thought we knew Diana and still can say only her first name
and know who we are talking about.

Turn off the TV and stop the feeding frenzy by the paparazzi,
if the money stream stops, they too will return to a life
of chasing some other poor famous person.

Wasn't fame something I craved as a youngster?
Jealously watching JFK's daughter living in the Whitehouse,
having whatever material things she wanted. She is about my age.
Then, at 5, I sat with the neighbor lady and sobbed all day
Watching JFK's funeral, my envy turned to sadness for
that little girl.
But here I was, not quite knowing who her father was yet,
Just thinking, maybe fame and fortune is not all it is cracked up to be.

When Diana got in the middle of a car chase clearly because of her fame, beauty, mystery,
Her poor children suffered most.
Never an apology from the media, only their arrogant self proclaimed right to get in your face,
chase you down with cameras, lethal as bullets,
And took that sweet soul out of our world.

Diana was and is the symbol of a classy woman, caring and kind, a mother first it is clear,
advocate for poor, defenseless,
who had to dodge aggressive camera toting creeps,
looking for a buck,
and their 5 seconds of fame.

So turn it off today and think of Diana,
She raised a handsome young man who married such a pretty innocent looking woman today (by the time this gets posted),
In William's eyes and actions, he will be a fine King I hope some day,
and give the papara-nazi's a run for their money.

turn it off.


  1. How thoughtful an entry of yours.

    As I don't watch TV for the last years, managed to not see it. Yet, over here it was the subject of the whole day as well.

    One can only wish those two a nice time and life. At the same time am glad to have a 'normal' kind of life, being able to walk around freely, being me; as 'poor' i might be.
    Hope your weather conditions do improve soon ! Please have a good weekend.

  2. I did and I'm glad thought of Diana

  3. Thanks Robert and Mary for the great comments. Have a great May!


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