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Thursday, April 14, 2011

That 70's Reunion

299 others and I had the distinct honor of attending:

That 70's Drama Club
 Junior Theater Reunion

It was an experience beyond my wildest dreams.
The Edwardsville High School Drama Scene of 1970 something.
Together again and marvelling at what we had done.
What we had. What we did after. Paying tribute to Who we lost.
The committee and others were masters at spinning a show of shows.
A tribute to honor friends, our successes, our smiles.
There were so many shows it is hard to keep track.
All a testament to our ever present Lea and Randy & now Kate.
For Jr Theater, Brad.
The weekend began with the current Edwarsville High School production of Hairspray.
It was breathtaking in form, energy and togetherness. The kids all high energy and right there
in the moment.
The direction by Kate Motley and no doubt nurturing and meticulous at the same time.
The scenery creative and bold..
The auditorium a dream for High School.
We are grateful for seeing the show.
Afterwards, a Cast party for the reunionites.
Saturday was a tour of the schools, our old High School Aud and the new one. My nephew helped by crawling up in the clouds to take the aerial shots.
(more photos in my flickr photostream right hand margin scroll down)

"old high school aud"

New EHS Aud

The Set of hairspray from the control booth
(Thanks Daniel)

Then The night we were waiting 30 to 40 years for....
The night we had no idea we would be participating in an historic christening of the
Wildey Theater, a familiar second home in many of our youthful years.
Our images cast on the full screen in perfect coordination by
Barb Wild Pizzini, a master of images, music and communication.
Barb, Phil, Bryan, Tamra, Craig, and many many others put together a classy night
where we could once again join together and revel in theater.
Our images so happy, we had not forgotten,
We cried, hugged, felt the love in the room for each other, this place, a sacred theater ground, lovingly rescued to become what will be a major cultural center for this growing city.

and connecting with dear friends
Back home again to the hills.
Better get this out and hope you enjoyed this recap of a simply Mah- vellous weekend.


  1. Thank you Judy, It was an amazing weekend. Mary

  2. Thanks, Mary!
    What a joy to see you.

  3. Oh the 70's, my favorite time.... glad you had fun! =)

  4. Yes, it made me appreciate more the specialness of the people and times of the 70's.


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