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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

April Fools,
The weather and news people kept saying the Nor'Easter Storm was coming but it is not a joke for
April First, April Fools's Day, the traditional day of pranksters.
Then they said the storm is coming but looks milder than predicted, at least in this valley.
I thought about an old joke we played when hospitals were more fun (more like the show "Scrubs").
Way back I worked in a place where we had the resuscitation dummy (Annie) admitted through the ER.
One after another person would be fooled and laugh before Annie moved through all the departments, radiology, lab, finally the floor.
Tucked into her bed, her unmistakable plastic gentle face, diminutive body with her jogging suit (she was fashioned after a real Annie who was jogging and died-was that a myth?)
One of our Dr.s walked in to see her.
He started rattling off the usual roster of tests: EKG, Chest xray, labs, etc, etc.
They were his standing orders.
I was the handmaiden, the nurse scribbling orders and obeying the Dr.
How was I going to tell him?
That Annie was a plastic effigy of a human?
I don't quite remember, but pulling down a man's ego is a touchy subject,
and part of me felt bad for trying to explain to this foreign born Dr what April foolery is all about.
And now I have to go, work calls, no snow day today.
That is not an April Fool's joke.


  1. He sounds like one of my doctors.

    Does that mean he's an idiot or I look like a plastic Annie? LOL.

  2. Oh, my. I think...pardon, I know he is an idiot. I remembered this better after I wrote it in a hurry. He walked in the room, said, "Ma'am, this woman is sick" and rattled off the orders. Thanks for the great comments!mary


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