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Friday, April 22, 2011


Our planet home,
Best visible from afar,
in fact the space travelers photos giving us the whole picture
in one gulp.

some say needs help in maintaining it's wholeness,
I agree to an extent.
Still my personal me planet needs help at times too,
and when we animals called humans
on the ground, looking like tiny ants,
need compassion from the eco adorists,
like they care about newts and bats,
then I start to wonder
why the Earth needs humans at all.

How might the Earth feel?
If the Earth felt threatened, would it fight back?
This human has failed to fight for her rights due to lack of resources and compassion from other beings in town and state,
while they pour money on the newts and bats.

Can I be an expert like the ones who flood us with eco rhetoric?
Can I show you another side of people who wanted my property and cared not about the
last 2 humans living here from a long line of ancestors?

No, no one heard me,
no one heard.

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