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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blogging to win friends and influence people

The title is really for fun and a little flashback to a book that sat on my mother's bookshelf.
Soon, books may not have that effect on us. Books now in digital format, paper falling away to the cyberworld revolution.
I would pull that book off the shelf sometimes, hoping to absorb some wisdom from the chapters.
In reality, how to win friends really has little to do with reading a book or practising the outlined strategies in chapter 3.
So do blogs win friends or influence people?
I really cannot say.
And if these posts do influence someone to right a wrong or enjoy an image or song, or cry,
then perhaps they are influential.
Will my blog Win enemies? Perhaps.
Win friends? Maybe.
But there are some interactions that do require more human-ness and less cyber-stuff.
And we lock the memories we keep in our protein silos in our brain,

How do I describe that feeling, that moment so rare?

That is what I meant,
That  is why we blog.


  1. Funny post! Never really thought about the reasons people blog... only thought about the reasons I read blogs. I know why "I" blog and have stated my reasons in the past.

    I enjoy reading other people's blogs. I learn from them. I acquire different perspectives. I rarely find blogs boring. It's like conversations among friends.

  2. Just wanted to say that I like this one. :)

  3. Thanks friends, you have been more supportive to me than you will ever know. I try to explain why we blog because when I began, I did not understand what great friends I would find all over the world.

  4. how thoughtful an entry of yours !

    after having to close a kind of poetry blog of mine, due to various reasons, it is this the site of mine which remains, hopefully for a while longer.
    the why ? well, it has indeed answered a few questions, not only about the place where I live, but also about meself, as a being.

    and yes, having a couple of books older than a hundred years, the thoughts were interesting indeed.

    please have a good new week ahead, and please keep the books alive.

  5. Thanks Robert for your comments. I agree, books have an essntial role in our worlds. Let us keep them alive.Have a great day and best wishes to your family. Mary


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