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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reading Posts

Feeling too busy to read all the posts of the bloggers I follow.
I will catch up. They are all such great writers and people.
They are documenting daily Earth life and who they are.
A living book or something I had a dream about-so witty it was, I lost it when light peeked through the window waking me.
Trying to spring clean which seems endless for being a new beginning.
Still wondering about the anal-ysts who changed daylight savings
the last time. Our VCR (yes we still have one) skipped ahead this morning causing quite
a discussion, wonderment, puzzlement until Fred figured it out.
It is so old, the daylight savings is on the wrong day.
Without spending energy on that foolishness, I might have had more time to read those posts.
Feel free to visit my favorite sites listed on the far right lower page.
Back to cleaning.

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