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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Maslow App

A not so distant 31 years ago, I was in nursing school studying the theory and some practical experience with the care of ill, injured and infirmed.
We studied Maslow, the basis for how humans should develop.
How humans should prioritize their needs, then wants. Building blocks of human development.
Simply, first humans must meet their nutritional needs, needs for heat, shelter, physical needs.
Only then can they then build on and add the higher levels like self actualization, the top of the pyramid,
a pointy place, like a pinnacle in the textbook I gazed at.
How do you get there?
Today, our life sped up by techno revolution after another, lightspeed to our sluggish cave brains.
Slow down,
food, shelter, basics first.
Is there a Maslow's app?
One that says,
Put down the cell phone and pick up the bag of flour and make some bread.
Are you cold?
My Mom's voice still clear in my head, "Then do some dishes-that will warm your hands..."
Mom actually my Maslow's app. Her voice says things like" put down the cell phone and do something about injustices in the world."
But cell phones and FB and other techno diversions are threatening mankind's ability to meet their own
basic needs.
Can you make a cup of coffee? Dinner? can you cook at all?
Can you Survive?
Just a quick post to drop off some thoughts I had as I get ready to tweet, then breakfast.
Where is my Maslow's app??

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