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Friday, March 11, 2011

Monster week

The Snow Monster came and gave us the heaviest snow and this delayed back pain thing.
Other people awoke at 4 am this morning, days later than the shoveling with what feels like a bowie knife in the back to the hilt.
Or was it the MonSter? did it do it?
I feel it's claws sometimes as many of us do, to make me remember what I have.
Today blowing off steam to a selectman in town, hoping someday I may help make law that
limits what a town can punish you with for paying prop taxes late: fees, penalties, having to pay the town's legal cost as a percentage of what is due. Unconstitutional, but the selectman had confidence it was all in stone and fair. Still working on that.
Then the rain was like a monster claw on the driveway, now bare that Fred shoveled most of.
So in spite of the pains, trials, and difficulties, it has been a good week.
March is a hopeful month to me, the beginning of the zodiac, appropriately, time for new changes.
I wanted to mention a singer again who was recently married.
married A. Whitney Brown and we enjoyed seeing the pictures and hearing CW sing her vows.
Not a dry eye, beautiful photos.
You really need to check out her music which is why I started to write this entry
Friday Night Music.
Freitag nacht Musik for our international friends...

(herrad started me doing this...)

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