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Thursday, March 3, 2011


In the Morning,
 just before sunrise,
Over the mountains in the southeastern sky,
Venus rose,
Showing the brilliance of sunlight reflected off the planet.

At first, it looked like a dot,
Rapidly rising it seemed,
Against the mountain's silhouette.

Then the light spread out, looking like car lights, I thought,
But there are no cars that go up that high on the mountain tops.
I thought how the sunlight reflected off Venus first, then came to the
top of the Green Mountains
and dispersed, ever so briefly, until
the planet pulled away and went higher in the sky.

As the Sun rose, Venus disappeared in the new day,
Invisible until the next encounter.

I contemplated how early Americans found their source of power
in such moments,
and were in awe at such events,
events that today,
many just sleep through,
others cannot see the night sky
and others do not care.

I find solace in seeing Venus, feeling
somedays maybe I am his only friend,
his only admirer,
while really knowing we are never alone.

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