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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Star is Born

A Star is born and he made us think about recent events, snafu's, human issues.
He doesn't even have a name and yet here we are beaming.
We haven't seen him yet, car broke down, tooth broke, work too busy,
but he has arrived.
It was funny how a few days ago, Fred showed me a photo of the impromptu Kris Kristofferson concert we attended in November 2009. I remembered that view, the photo, his wife standing next to him behind Levon.
Flash back to 1977 when I worked in a friend's Dad's warehouse. We pulled records (Vinyl/LP's)
for orders going to Woolworth's, Sears and other places you bought records back then, I remember a cover of Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand from the re-make movie, A Star is Born. (It was a good remake and 2 great stars-intense cover-popular so I saw it a lot). Then I thought about the quartz I saw up on the hill where a piece of rock had chipped off the ledge. That quartz, needing extraordinary heat to fire up and become crystalline. Then I thought about the cracked porcelain tooth crown that broke on a soft burrito Sunday, disturbing my schedule, wallet & comfort but pretty minor in the big picture. Still I gazed at the porcelain chip, a ceramic needing high heat to make that opaque, hard but sometimes fragile piece. Stars are created in Nebulae requiring heat of unimaginable proportions to forge the solar system like the one we live in.
Now a new Star is Born, forged from DNA, intentions, luck, fate, and no doubt heat, to forge the union of two humans creating a new life. What powers are also at hand that we do not see, what will be in store for us? For him? Wie namen sie?
Questions again, for us humans who would not be content knowing everything. If we did, on that day, will we be set free to live again? or travel the universe forever?
Funny how my thoughts this week wove through all the things I saw, memories I am grateful for and snafus that interrupt our plans for a kinder world.
Welcome, young boy, to the world of Earth, I hope it is kind to you.

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