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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Future

The Future
could be
or not.

Or could
it be

How could you tell?
Would you want to know?

If I make a prediction
of how you will respond to
these questions,
will you,
or will you not?
Or both?

If The Future
is certain,
why would we do
some of the things
that will make it?

If I make a prediction
and it does not happen,
was there another path
where it did?

If time has no beginning or end,
will anything really be possible?

can you tell the winter is dragging on past the hopeful first day of spring. brr...snowing now rain, more mud and damp gray day.
at least we had a spectacular weekend with bare ground visible. today's snow has already melted making the roads extra gooey. watch for sucking mud and potholes.

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