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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The big one

The big one, March 7th.
Snow stopped sometime last night.
Fred shoveled most of this and I helped 10 percent, maybe 9.
We still need some plowing but can get out now.
I really contemplated a lot, as my muscles burned from shoveling,
tossing, shoving, slicing, cutting this thick, frosting like heavy
wet snow with water logging, packed densely
showing us we really have no power compared with
Mother nature.
I breathed deeply the fresh air and enjoyed the sunshine and
relative mildness in the 20's kind of day.
We hear the snow melting under the road,
running under the rocks.
Frustrated we could not go to work again and thankful Fred has broken through
to civilization finally, today at 3 pm.
Time for advil.


  1. what an extraordinary amount of shovelling Mary.

    Such deceptive stuff snow - it looks so gorgeous in that crispy clear weather.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for comments. It was a pretty day.

  3. You would wonder how much beauty and good hides beneath the white. Please have a good Wednesday you all.

    daily athens

  4. Thanks, Robert for the comments. Snow is called poor man's fertilizer and is a blanket for spring growth. For me, a cancelled day of work, a change in plans, a marvel at my ability to shovel for 3 hours, looking up at times to enjoy the view. For Fred, a sore back and knowing he still has it in his powers.Thanks for looking on the bright side! Have a great week.


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