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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time Change

The time change is just sinking in, as I hang on to the old time for a few more days,
until I just cannot resist the change any longer.
We rely on a schedule of time related events and yet
when forced to deviate that schedule by a legislative mandate,
We do not protest.
Instead, We grumble, groan, mutter, sputter,
have to pay attention, change all the clocks, find the manuals
for all the VCR/DVD/M-Wave/Coffee machine ad infinitum...

Why should time change, anyway?
It does not extend the daylight and it creates an enormous headache.
I think we endeavor to change too much sometimes.
Sometimes not enough.
Finding that balance, a human's source of stress.

I vote to stop the time changes. Leave it alone for one year. If nothing happens, keep it going.
Until then,
I have to turn in, the time changed.


  1. Yeah I know, I wish they would leave it like this so I can get used to something for a change. LOL.

  2. 2 votes for reason! That can start a revolution. tired mary


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