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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Veteran's Issues: Link to Wes Moore interview

Heard this interview yesterday on the Imus show.
Actually, streaming WABC in NYC over the internet. Came in clear as a bell. No static.
Wes wrote a book about returning veterans.
It really helps to understand the cognitive framework, the "matrix" if you will. Wes gets it.
I felt like I had personally been focusing on my Dad's service, WW 2, Marines. South Pacific.
He said they saw no combat. They "did nothing" therefore it was to be negated.
When I saw his papers, finally, after he is stuck in a CVA limbo at 91, He was at Guadalcanal.
I also saw how the Japanese would not mess with marines as much?
Well Wes got me thinking again.
How was Dad rewired?
How easy was it to get him to serve? His Prussian Grandfather immigrated to the US to avoid mandatory service. Then Dad and my brother served in wars: Dad in WW2, My Brother in Vietnam. Another brotherand his son in the guards.
I was fortunate to care for veterans of all current wars. They are indeed a special group. I just never could put my finger on it.
Wes is putting it all to words.

Link to the interview:

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