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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time, What a Time We Had!


What a Time we had
Last Saturday Night 5.24.14
Celebrating Levon Helm's Birthday,
With other fans, Multigenerational Devotees of Fine Music,
Levon's Legacy...The Magnificent Healing Barn of Music And Wood.

We were lucky to snag tickets,
Fred & I Have a common wish list and we converse about rambles to come,
Rate them on maybe or,Dream about,Or in this case,
A joint mutual Birthday Present, Must Give ourselves
Some quality

We had been to Rambles before,
Like many in the audience, It was a common subject to break the ice.
Always Stellar Staff greeted us, We recognized many of the regular visitors.
We were here to celebrate Levon's Birthday with some great music

The Weight,

A wonderful group with Mastery of Music by The Band

The Weight is 

Jim Wieder, Master of the Telecaster, Mandolin, Vocals
Randy Ciarlante, Drums/Vocals, 
Byron Isaacs Bass/Vocals,
Brian Mitchell/Piano/Organ/Accordian/Vocals, 
Marty Grebb on Piano, Organ, Sax and Vocals.

and we also wanted to see

Carolyn Wonderland with Cole El-Saleh & Rob Hooper, 

Who we had seen several times At Levon's.

She brought along Shelley King & Cindy Cashdollar

It was a perfect night,
Beautiful Woodstock, NY Catskill Region 
spring slow but persistent.
The rain burst through once but we missed it.
The cool air fine.
am going to post some photos of the area once I sort through them.

So the first hour or so Carolyn Wonderland et al played...She gets better all the time,
Whether Vocals, Guitar, lap steel, and Bird Calls...What a whistler!
Rob kept the beat going with Levon's magic Red drum set.
Cole getting entranced in keyboards and his left hand running keys controlling bass sounds.
Cindy Cashdollar showed her skill at playing, Shelly King, great voice, guitar.

Next to play was
The Weight,
Doing songs of The Band.
All around Great! 
One after another favorite band tune...
They invited Amy Helm in for a few and CW et al as well.

We are home now, tired,
and grateful for those tickets I jumped on...
Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Levon Helm
and Rest in Peace.
The kids got your music covered,
and they're Keepin' it Goin'

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