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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Frack Action #Fracking

Interupting  the musical interlude
for Frack action needed....

even if you cannot attend the meeting , 

send positive energies to the fracking fighter/comrades

Shoreham, Vermont meeting tonight.
I guess the New Yorkers get to talk about how great it is that Vermont and Lake Champlain will be trashed for their NY paper mill to get Un-Natural gaz from Alberta, Canada, where they are injecting toxins deep down to squirt our some so called cheap dinosaur remnant fuel then shuttle it in a pipeline from Alberta to New York,
Oh but you cannot go through the Adirondacks, they are Beautiful,
Go through Vermont....

Oh yes, then under Lake Champlain...

The town of Shoreham, Vermont is having a meeting tonight.
Their website has a nice like to good pipeline info:

No one dares say that Vermont Gas Systems is owned by Canadian Gaz Metro...
and that they bought Green Mountain Power
and that they would love to cram a pipeline through my neighbor's organic farm and the aquifer that supplies me with drinking water.
No, it was weird when Fred picked up the Addison Independent that used to be 12 pages.
Now 80 ish pages....Strange.
First what a waste of Paper...
Wait a minute, Do they buy newsprint from the smelly paper mill accross the lake?

Oh and the advertisements...good job.

Was nice to see the editorial comments.
Still have to pay to have it recycled.
Well I want to post this in time for you to light a virtual candle, say a prayer, or meditate on a world without fracking. If you are not with me you are long gone anyway, bye, bye.

I have no photos of candles,
So how about Crown Point, NY Lighthouse?

Love this...
meg 5.7.14

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