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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Under the River

Under the River

And through the swamp
The pipeline they plan to build.

The Canadians know the way,
To get the builder today,
Before all the permits are got.

The landowners in the way,
Small people, they say,
Why question the almighty Corp(oration)?

We try to fight back,
The media's been hacked,
Lake Champlain is for sale,
They'll drill a hole through it all,
Up hill and down hill
With a mighty swift blow,
They would be changing it all.

Not natural, we voted down
In Monkton,Vermont,
Not a radical town,
Don't make us slaves to the Gaz,
Spoiling our precious land,
With their profit making plans,
Arrogant display
On the evening news,

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  1. When she hears that pipeline coming, she hangs her head and cries....Mother Nature, Monkton, Vermont....We are at a crossroads. Which way would you go? meg


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