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Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Nacht Musik

For this friday,
the official YT video of this great song...

Holly Williams


Then an aside, As I search for Cafe Society, Cafe Societe
in a world so big,
made smaller by the likes of twitter.
I know tweeting is lost on many,
perhaps not seeing the power of 140 characters,
in a moment of time.
My favorite scene in It's a Wonderful Life is when young George Bailey reads the sign up on the wall...
Ask Dad...He'll know what to do...So True, Frank Capra, a beautiful human moment,
reading an ad that changes everything.
Some days, like yesterday, when I got a retweet from another Tweeter,
It was an affirmation,
not some evil conspiracy, trap or devil's hand.
I felt like it was the beginning of Cafe Society, virtual communication,
sharing without intimidation or fear.
No secondary motives.
just words.

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