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Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Music links....

More Music links...

my log. 5.28.14
I had appointments this morning and missed most of imus on the radio-over internet on wabc or
Had hoped CW et al would stick around NYC after Levon's celebration. She has been on Imus before and was fun to see Imus be really impressd by someone.
Sorry Imus got sick as mean as I can be to him, yelling at the radio thinking he can hear me,
Yet we are endeared to him, and his taste in music is crystal clear.
Was so happy when CW posted this link to some of her music she does with her talented helpers....
Enjoy and buy her music...

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  1. Was a great concert Sat night then heard this on the radio/recording...CW and Shelley & guys never stopped playing all week! meg


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