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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Gaz round up...

After awhile,

I can only ignore just so many stop the pipeline updates.
Being a citizen #Fracktivist
takes more than a high speed modem, a google account and 
a stupid rant.
After hearing the blowhard biased Journalismus,
Have been repressing
hostile anger
mild hostility
mere annoyance,
demand for censorship/equal time.
oh, what difference does it make, anyway?
note to self: let go of petty haters, people who put others down.

Just wanted to get that out of the way early on. 
You know, if I ever affect how someone feels about an issue,
or clarify something, or share an emotion, music, art, a story,
then my work is done. I am not out to make a living at any of this.
That is not why I blog.
I blog because it connects people, it logs my thoughts,
it shares my views, literally and figuratively,
it is living history, the kind I wish I had when My grandparents were young.
It is a shelf of stories, short enough to enjoy and move on,
knowing a little more each time it is read or viewed.

So, for what it is worth in my amateur world of reporting, for free, unemcumbered by conflict of interest save
saving the planet and our water, lakes, streams.

First a link to seven days, the local paper:

Next, a piece from public radio:

From Burlington Free Press:

Rutland Herald:

Too tired to keep going...
Ending with a witty quote attributed to Canadian owned Vermont Gaz rep:

Best quote from VGS so far: “We’d be laying the proposed pipeline just right of this road…actually right where you see all of those ‘stop the fracked gas pipeline’ signs.”

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