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Monday, May 5, 2014



Rules tell us right from wrong,

Even though they can and may be broken
Or violated,
Or ignored, scoffed @,
Sneered at,
Or even revered.

Rules in town governments
Are funny sometimes,
Not funny like "Ha, Ha.".
Sometimes seems like,
"Different strokes for different folks."

Fred spent the 75¢ on the Addison Independent
To read the many articles and ads...
Some pipeline related.
Was glad to see responses in the online version.

I had to set it down for the night
After reading Monkton,Vermont selectboard chairman
Casually said Canadian owned Vermont gaz
Is putting some station just a couple miles from here.

So another WTF moment in the peaceful valley,
Guess Gaz buys land first,
Makes plans,
And expects approval,
If only it worked that way for citizens?

No, different rules :«{

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