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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Woodchuck Day

Woodchuck Day

They're called woodchucks
In the North Country,
No less like Hogs,
Than their southern cousins.

The day when Punxsutawney Phil is dragged from his nest,
The Vermont Woodchuck sleeps in frozen splendor.

Shadow or not,
Sunshine or clouds,
Woodchucks don't care,
Below the ground's hard frost,
Or in the hollow of a giant tree,
Or under a building in a nest made of leaves.

We know winter drags in the North Country Style,
Six weeks we'd be happy,
If the ground is bare and no piles,
Of snow, ice and gravel,
Sticks, bark and dirt.

The Woodchuck,
He says,
The spring will come when it's ready,
My friend,
Now back to my nest,
See you in 10 (weeks)

P.S., forgot about the official Vermont Woodchuck day greeting,
Reminded by Kia Comeau on WDEV FM that when greeted with
"Happy Woodchuck Day," The proper response is "Bug off!"
From Saturday am show
Music to go to the dump by...meg

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