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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Midday Gaz Report...

It was like the farther I tried to get away from the frackers,
there they were, messing with the neighbor women who I care about. What did Augustus McCrae say in 
Lonesome Dove? by Larry McMurtry
"Woodrow doesn't tolerate rudeness in a man..."
Fred always calls me Woodrow...
It really is about being a nurse. You spend your whole career sticking up for weak, vulnerable, abused, sick, despondent.
People who have been invaded, diseased, attacked, traumatized,
cut, robbed, blinded.
Sometimes it is us. 
Nurses can be funny, girls too. (and boys..:) 
We can be very assertive or aggressive in one realm
and submissive in another.
Yes, I guess that goes for most people.

Just that some people never do the submissive thing,
and we let them get away with it, chip, chip, chipping
at our self esteem.

So it is rare to have so much news in Monkton, Vermont I have to write a midday report, but what the frack? Who says I cannot??

A couple more updates about the 4 women who are being threatened by a Canadian company with ...Or else!!!

I am standing with these brave women.

Looking at the roots of economic injustice, the robbing of womens' inheritances and assets are ignored. Financial rape if you will. Both physical & financial rape have roots in power, control, taking. Robbing assets depletes a woman's power over her life. A Pauper less able to fight. Monkton, Vermont nearly sold my century farm for paying property taxes 9 months late and everyone knew but me. No one really cared. That is how it starts. Now women in Monkton, Vermont are being threatened by Canadian Gaz Frackers. That is how it starts.

The Digger has been digging a little...

I think they could use a better shovel...maybe a broadfork.

Will keep posting links as they come in. There is a definite scatter factor on the part of the farckers.
They really want to keep us animals scurrying about while they put the greenbacks into unkown hands.

Why are you all in the pen?
Because we told you to go there.

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