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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Road to Cafe Society....The Story Of Sister Rosetta Tharpe links from YT...BBC

I was taking a google journey in search of Cafe Society.
Pete Seeger was dragging me out of bed saying,
Look around girl,
There is music everywhere...
So I searched quite simply and decided to check out the first videa that came up.
Leave it to the British BBC channel again to draw me in with the sounds,
the bridge to Memphis,
That Mississippi River I know so well
from up stream, St. Louis.
Another brilliant artist sprouted from the hardships of the cotton fields.
Rosetta, a curious name for a truly God sent woman who fearlessly, boldly,
Synthesized a new sound,
born from the fusion of gospel, blues,hardships, pain.
Love of Music, God, and Revival.
Giving an entire generation Hope, and something to tap their feet about.
Giving Rich and Poor music to bring together.
The spirit of Cafe Society,
Blending colors,
finding our commonality.
Enjoy the links....

Sister Rosetta Tharpe....

Leave it to the BBC.





and one more from yt for good measure...


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