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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Nacht Musik

Friday Nacht Musik

Searching for Cafe Society....

Was thinking how I started using Twitter, and how it was Guy Forsyth who had a twitter account on his card. We saw him at Levon's twice with Carolyn Wonderland & band.
So I fought to find some music that was there.
Rosetta kept saying...let me do that number at the train station again,
She felt like a princess and played...well she showed the guys how to do it.

So decided to put 2 links from YT for Friday.
Sister Rosetta Tharpe (yes, playing again...)
Guy Forsyth.

The Past....oh so lovely foundation of rock & Roll
Sister Rosetta Tharpe.
The Present...Guy Forsyth....and all his cool friends...

And one more for the future of musik...
From a Wayne's World like Teen cave
emerges a band
worth posting on friday...


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  1. Sometimes I put together a post and wonder how it will looks to others. Mostly I post what I like and with all the baby boomers like me, I figure at least a few people will like it. Cafe Society started with an office mate of mine whose Uncle Barney started Cafe Society in what became the Village in NYC. Paula was amazed I had even heard of Zero Mostel, and other artists of the day. I loved the concept of truly integrated music, picking the best. Loved the thought of "Clubbing" in the 1930's, 40's. This selection goes together quite well in my concept of a virtual cafe society ala internet, YT. I hope you enjoy this musical selection brought to you on the internet. Free parking.


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