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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fracking Fighting Fatigue

Fracking Fighting Fatigue

Fracking Fighting causes Fatigue.
That's what the warning label said,
So why exactly was I so attracted to it?

No Fame nor Fortune nor Fantastic new thing,
Was offered in return for fighting the beast,
The Fracking ugly Subterranean Monster.

Each day I comb the net, looking for the news,
Daily reports, exploded pipeline, pipefitters on meth,
Cooking up new stories of the miraculous New gas.

I tweet, email, I comment where I can.
Wrote the Corps of engineers, the PSB and
What a few rural people thought
Of a pipeline they don't want,
No one seems to run with this,
Is the deal all done?

The papers show their bias, Gaz advertising there,
Once that money dries up, it would come from where?
Some people call the Gaz, au Naturale,
We know it's all a lie,
She is a femme fatale.

This poem doesn't rhyme so well,
Of that I will confess,
The Fatigue has sat me down again,
Into my easy chair.
Fracking Fighters,
Growing numbers,
Building roads to lead the way,
We can stop this greasy pipeline deal,
Someday, some fine fine day.

I reacquainted with an old neighbor. She is in the sights of the pipeline route.
She said the Canadian owned Frackin gas land agent threatened her with eminent domain.
Looking for some backup. Monkton,Vermont is at a crossroads.
One way, slaves, transmission fields.
The other, a community of people not afraid to dig the soil,
Drink the water, play in the fields and forest.
My fatigue overwhelming. Finally stopped opening gaz related stuff for a week.
There's too much.
That's how the gaz bullies want it.
Pick, pick, pick, until they cave,
Divide & conquer,
Pit one against the other
Pay the Press,
Pay, promise politicians & businesses.
Litlle guy be damned, says Vermont gas,
We'll just take your property....
Do you hear something???
Ethan Allen????
Is he crying the words
This is your land, Americans.
We shall fight.

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