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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Revisiting Vermont Property Tax rules, sinkholes

Tis the season for town meeting planning.
In Vermont, there is quite a system of taxation...learn all you can.

Revisiting some old articles I wrote about Vermont Property taxes and the practice of selling owners' lien to pry from their hands that scrap of Earth their heart occupies.
Let's get real.
There's no place like home.
Our dream, our ancestors had a dream.
They worked, paid.
We worked, paid.
Then those people tried to take our farm.
9 months late. Narrowly averted.
I was more embarrassed than anything at first.
I missed it. I owned property for 20 years and no one told me it was for sale.
It was in the print version of the newspaper that I read on line.
It sounds selfish I know, but it bothered me the indigent clients I worked with looked at me like, whoa, girl, do you need help??? I was hopping around carefree,
Should have been a warning.

First the link

Then a painting I did...

My nightmare

Finally a movie of our property, our lives.

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