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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Endangered Species II

Endangered Species II

The technology is running my posting tonight,
 Really now tomorrow by the scheduling.

I was going to post my original I am an Endangered Species poem.
It just became too difficult.

So thought I might crank out the sequel to the first one.

Endangered Species II
By Mary E. Gerdt © 2014
All rights reserved.

I am still an endangered species,
American, woman, a girl sometimes.

And other women,
None too weak,
Fight for their rights
To own the homesteads they settled on.

These women prosper, breathe, drink nature's waters.
They worked and paid and made their own way.
What is different about these 4,
Women they are,
Women who were told their rights are like the wind.

The bobcat warned me,
So many years ago,
Be careful,
Tread lightly,
You are endangered too.

I laughed and gawked and drove on,
Not a care in this world.

Now these women,
Don't want frackers,
Don't want pipelines,
Don't want troubles.

Neither did my bobcat friend,
He said always move on again,
Keep moving, he said,
Keep you head low,
Your time here is short,
Those frackers should go.

One thing we know,
My cat friends & I,
If that pipeline goes in,
The little people lose,
The big people win,
Making a few endangered again.

Making Monkton Gaz' slave,
The path Canadians made,
Was serving a mill,
A bitter smelly pill.

Their picking on a few,
It could have been me or you,
Endangered again,
Could be your friend,
Son or daughter and when,
The pipeline springs a leak,
Do we turn the other cheek?

This is a first draft,
Hastily thrown down for you.
I hope you're not
What would you do??


  1. My first endangered species poem came after the town tried to sell my property....I realized my mortality, vulnerability, my potential for extinction.... here is a link.

  2. Well done, my friend. Well done.


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