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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Osprey

The Osprey

I watched Mom type the letter,
she typed Sooo fast!

She was protesting DDT,
A pesticide of the 1960's.

Was it the same sweet cloud
from the truck that killed
The Skeeters?

The cloud we kids would run in
and inhale deeply,
as the truck spewed out the
giant cloud trail?

Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring,
Before Internet, and social media,
and before my Mom wrote that letter.

The DDT went into the fish and water
and made Opsrey eggs weak.
Osprey eat a lot of fish.

That is what the food chain is about.
Mom felt her pressures too, to provide for
and teach and care for children.

Yet she always found time to
Protest DDT
or send a poor person money
or teach me 
That we should 
Do the same and
speak up when something
is wrong,
or right.

Now the unintended consequence of banning DDT,
Is the overgrowth of Mosquitos,
Skeeters Midwestern lingo,
Which led to more malaria

What will the consequences
if a highly pressured gas line
in town

Have hopes we can stop the pipeline 
and return to being
Beautiful old Monkton,Vermont,
and not slave to gas.

Every word I have written,
Has inside, the
tap, tap, tap tap...
Of My Mother's letters.

 i keep seeing osprey everywhere...meg

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