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Monday, June 17, 2013

One Day

One More Day

Another Day

That is all it was,
Just a day.

Rotating Earth,
Makes a day,
Same place tomorrow
Turn around

He Could not say much much and
We held hands,
He could not focus,
More blind than not.

He understood a little
and lost the rest,
Each conversation a struggle,
I understood some, said,"What?" a lot.

I told him I was there to visit,
and we were leaving to go home,
My home of the last 30 years,
This was the home of my first 20.

I longed to hear profound words,
philosophy of the Postman,
My Dad.

Word salad on the menu,
Failing connections,
Puzzling looks, squinting eyes,
Me longing to hear his dissent again,
Of living in"the home"

Instead the words,
Calm and relaxed,
One More Day,
He said.

It was one more day we had together,
Seized for the moment,
Transient and Fleeting,
Plain as Day,
 Plain Day on the Plains,
It was
One More Day

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