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Friday, June 28, 2013

Bucket List of Revolutions


Friday Music &

Bucket List of Revolutions

World Peace & Tolerance.
Synergistic Miracles Occur.
Science Debunked Except for
Love, which is Scientifically Validated,
Replicated & Positively Disseminated.
No Hateful crimes,
Or Mean People.
Worker Equity,
Health & Living Accessible,
Creeps & Bad people accountable,
Bad things stopped before they happen,
Good things are allowed to happen,
Little people really can,
Big people are no more.
Think about this list and if it sounds good to you,
 keep it spinning around
the planet like a ball of yarn.
happy friday,
Oh yes, now for some music...
Found this YT link
with Amy Helm, Some Handsome Strangers
Love this song!

and (Sorry-first edition of my post had a typo...Conor Kennedy is in this video---

many or all will be at Levon's Barn in Woodstock tonight.
Check out Amy Helm's website and buy some music!

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