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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blogging Forward: POSTCARDY: the postcard explorer: Dobsina Ice Cave

Ice Cave and fun postcard blogger's story from old Slovakia

POSTCARDY: the postcard explorer: Dobsina Ice Cave: This postcard shows a 1905 view of ice skating in the Dobsina Ice Cave. The location was part of Hungary when this postcard was publishe...

And I was resisting the urge to post the picture from the darkest hours sunlight wise in winter.
It is So light now, long beautiful days except when it rains too hard. Floods going on right now in Vermont. Floods on floods.
So close your eyes and flip on if you cannot look at the companion to Ice Caves.
I looked at the cave picture and feel cooler...was it some dNA bound memory?

This picture below is the dead of Vermont winter,
about 6 months from now.
As Now is light, then is Dark.

I wonderered if it could feel cooler to look at snow.
Otherwise I cannot even comprehend this photo right now.


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